Correct storage method of electronic connectors

Author:yswl Date:2022-11-14 Reading:

The correct use and storage of electronic connectors will not bring trouble to future use. Today we will focus on the correct storage method of this product.

When we purchase a large number of electronic connectors from manufacturers, the general manufacturers will transport the products at one time. When we receive the products, we first need to carefully observe the outer packaging of the products. After opening the packaging, we need to check the products. Quality, to ensure that the received products are in good condition, and to avoid difficulty in safeguarding rights due to long-term storage and quality problems.

For some electronic connectors that are not in use temporarily, they should not be placed in a suitable warehouse. The environment of the warehouse is very important. Pay attention to keeping away from corrosive chemicals, direct sunlight, and fire sources, and the warehouse should be kept away from Ventilated and dry.

When storing, it is best to check whether the product is exposed to direct sunlight, because the influence of sunlight will accelerate the aging of the insulating layer of the electronic connector.

If there are other chemicals stored in the storage environment, it may cause the accessories inside the electronic connector to be corroded, and the outer metal protective layer to rust, thus affecting the conductive function of the entire product.

When you need to move the electronic connector, you should be careful, do not drag it casually, and do not make it touch a relatively hard object, so as to avoid damage to the inside of the product, and at the same time, you should not stack heavy objects on the product to avoid crushing.

Since the electronic connector is very afraid of grease, once it comes into contact with grease, it will lose its function of use. Therefore, it is also necessary to keep away from grease during storage.