What safety hazards should be paid attention to when using electronic connectors?

Author:yswl Date:2022-11-14 Reading:

Electronic connectors are a component that has developed rapidly in recent years. As electronic and electrical products have become indispensable in life, this component is widely used in every country, so its market demand is particularly large. It has many application scenarios. What safety hazards should we pay attention to when using this component? Today we mainly talk about two safety hazards during use.

1. The connection is prone to accidents

The main reason for the accident is that the electronic connector has a short circuit, high temperature or electric spark at the connection, which causes the accident.

During use, it should be noted that: at several important connections, such as wires and wires, wires and terminals of electrical carriers, the insulation layer is peeled off, resulting in collisions between the lines at both ends, resulting in accidents.

2. Accidents caused by excessive contact resistance

In the physical process of electrical conduction of electronic connectors, if the contact area is smaller than the conductor area, it is easy to cause the temperature of the connector to be too high during use, resulting in excessive contact resistance. When the temperature is very high, it is easy to cause a fire.

The reasons for the excessive contact resistance of the connector can be subdivided into the following points:

1. The quality of the electronic connector itself is poor.

2. There is poor contact at the connection, or the connection is loose after long-term use.

3. Oxidation occurs at the connection.

4. There is dust and particle pollution at the connection.

Electronic connectors are widely used today, such as electric water heaters, elevators, mechanical equipment, and smart electronic products that we see in our lives. In order to use it safely, we need to pay attention to the safety of its use and try to avoid potential safety hazards.