Manufacturers introduce the application and classification of electronic connectors

Author:yswl Date:2022-11-14 Reading:

The electronic connector has the characteristics of convenient and flexible use, easy mass production, and reliable connection, which makes it widely used in data and communication transmission, rail transit, medical equipment and new energy industries. Up to now, it has complete specifications, rich varieties and various types, and the entire industry has developed towards the specialized field. Today, the technical staff of the manufacturer will tell you about its application and classification, and I hope you can have enough understanding of this product.

The application range of electronic connectors is very wide, basically it can be used in electronic-related terminal equipment, so in order to adapt to various uses and occasions, it has a wide variety.

The commonly used classification methods of electronic connectors are:

According to the shape of the product, it can be round or rectangular. Of course, there are some special uses, and other shapes of connectors will be customized according to the needs of customers.

Because of its own structural characteristics, circular connectors are generally used in aerospace and aviation fields, and rectangular connectors are generally used in electronic equipment.

According to the structure, it can be divided into several categories. Due to the different connection methods, it can be divided into latch connection, threaded connection, bayonet connection and in-line connection. It is divided into crimping, welding, wrapping, screw fixing and so on.

According to the environmental conditions used, it can be divided into ordinary type and environment-resistant type.

If it is divided according to the use, it can be subdivided into many kinds, which will not be introduced one by one here. Electronic connectors are very common connection components in life and production, and figuring out their uses and classifications can allow us to use them better.