Advantages of medical connector products

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When designing new medical devices, one of the decisions faced by medical device manufacturers may be to choose a connector or mating socket, and for some common devices, using standard connector products is a viable option. For other special applications, custom or hybrid connectors may be more appropriate. Custom connector products often include engineering and tooling costs, and these upfront costs may be a factor in choosing a custom connector solution. However, when the cost of connector design and tooling is determined, the cost of customized connector products is usually lower than the unit price of off-the-shelf connector products. While choosing off-the-shelf connector products, the unit price is generally transparent and the price will be high in the market.

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Choosing custom and off-the-shelf connector products differs from:

1. Customize logos or other marks according to customer requirements;

2. Unique design is required to ensure that only specific cable or connector products can be plugged into the device;

3. It is necessary to carry multiple signal types in a single connector, such as: high voltage, low voltage, high bandwidth, data, thermocouple, etc.;

4. Better meet the cost targets of medical devices;

5. Prevent incompatible connector products from being plugged in through the unique pin socket pattern or connector shape, in order to improve the safety of medical devices.

6. The shape of the selected connector product must be selected in accordance with the shape of the medical device;

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