In-depth understanding of the connection form of precision electronic connectors

Author:yswl Date:2022-11-15 Reading:


Many people should not be unfamiliar with precision electronic connectors. Compared with traditional connection equipment, it has many advantages, such as more reliable connection, more flexible use, more convenient maintenance, etc., then you know that its connection forms have Which ones? In the following, we will focus on introducing its four connection forms to you, hoping that the text content can give you a deeper understanding of the product.

There are four main connection forms of precision electronic connectors, namely plug-in, cabinet, thread and bayonet, as follows:

1. Plug-in connection method: This is a relatively common and multi-purpose connection form. Its plug and socket do not need to be twisted or rotated whether it is connected or separated, because its work is linear motion, and it can quickly complete the connection and separation without much space in space. Its structure has balls and pins.

2. Cabinet connection method: This method is more suitable for equipment that needs to be connected blindly. This design can make electrical equipment lighter and more convenient to maintain. Since the operator cannot feel the connection when connecting, it needs to be designed as a floating or elastic contact mode to avoid connection errors.

3. Threaded connection method: This connection method is generally used in relatively large contacts or in a working environment with obvious vibration. After the connection, in order to loosen the connection, it is necessary to use a fuse, so the operation is more complicated.

4. Bayonet connector: This connection method can quickly realize the connection and separation. Usually it has an indication that it is correctly connected and locked, and the connection can be observed directly from the small hole on the side of the connecting nut.

The above are the connection forms of the four types of precision electronic connectors. It can be known that there are many connection forms of this product. When using it, only the matching connection form can be found to ensure the reliability of the connection.