Connector FAQ

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Wire connectors are an accessory that has developed rapidly in recent years. With the globalization of the market and the birth of AI technology, wire connectors are widely used in every country, and the demand is particularly large.

Since the reform and opening up, domestic wire connector technology has also achieved unprecedented development, and this market is constantly expanding. As a country with a large consumption of wire harnesses and cables, China's market potential is naturally huge.

The applications of wire connectors are very extensive. For example, elevators, electric water heaters, and children's toys, artificial intelligence and other products are commonly used in daily life. Not only cables, but also many engineering equipment have this kind of wire connector. With this kind of connector, accessories can be replaced at any time to increase the service life. In the future development, the wire connector is a very important connection device, which greatly facilitates the performance of the device and realizes multi-function.


From a global perspective, the share cannot be ignored. With so many application scenarios, should we pay attention to the security risks that exist when it is widely used?

-- 1 --

Reasons for accidents at joints

The main causes of accidents are fires caused by short circuits, fever or sparks.

It should be noted that: the wire and wire, wire and switch, wire and the terminal head of the electric carrier, wire and protective device are peeled off at this part of the connection point, resulting in the accident caused by the direct collision of the two wires.

-- 2 --

Fever due to excessive contact resistance

In the physical process of the electrical connection of the connector, when the contact area is smaller than the conductor area, it is easy to cause excessive heat of the connector and fever, which will cause the surrounding combustibles to burn and become a fire accident.

Then, what are the reasons for the excessive contact resistance of the connector?

1. Poor placement quality

2. Long-term open joints are loose

3. Oxidation occurs at the conductor connection

4. Dust pollution

5. Measures to prevent accidents at joints

6. To reduce the joint of the wire as much as possible