corporate culture

corporate vision
We are committed to becoming an electronic connector service manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales.
Corporate values
Innovation (opening up the future), passion (overcoming difficulties and dangers), integrity (based on the world), harmony (contributing to society).
management control
We must continue to devote ourselves to the improvement of management, and we must give full play to the great power of scientific management on the basis of fully respecting human nature. We must be committed to the construction of business beliefs. Only in this way can we achieve our ultimate goal of providing value to customers and creating wealth for the society. People's enthusiasm and creativity are inexhaustible wealth and resources for enterprises, and the essence of management is to develop human resources. To maintain and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, it is necessary to mobilize people's enthusiasm and stimulate people's creativity.
Strict quality control
The company has a number of domestic and foreign precision equipment, plus professional technical team and management personnel, fully capable of meeting any needs of domestic and foreign customers. Each product of our company has set up a strict quality control system, which has passed the standard reliability, reliability test and functional inspection. The market reputation and brand influence have been steadily enhanced with the improvement of quality.
corporate culture
  • 1
    For clients

    Create a one-stop procurement platform for connectors

  • 2
    for shareholders

    A return on sustained capital appreciation

  • 3
    for employees

    Create a good career development space

  • 4
    for society

    Do your best to support meaningful public welfare